Hey! I am Melanie and I wanted to share just a little about what you will find here on this website. I LOVE goats! They have become my passion.

I started making goat milk soap in December of 04, and I have loved it. Its so much fun and I feel like I am creating something that is good for my family. I didnt intend to sell the soap, but I had given some of my friends a bar, and they loved it, started asking to buy some, so I started selling it.

I dont add dye to any of my soaps. I wanted to keep the ingredients simple and natural. I add scents, or essential oils, lye, and lard and of course the FRESH goat milk. NEVER water added, the liquid is always ALL goat milk.
Sometimes I use coconut oil along with lard, or olive oil, palm oil, castor oil in addition to the lard, but not always. Most of my soap is just lard, lye and milk. I feel like simple and natural are the best for my skin, and everyone that has used my soap, agrees. The goats milk is the moisturizer in this soap.

I am not claiming to have the “prettiest” soap either. Sometimes I can make two batches in one day, exactly the same ingredients, and they will look totally different, but the cleaning and moisturizing effects are the same. All soap is made in small batches in my kitchen, which allows me to make many different scents.
If you are looking for a moisturizing, natural and wonderful alternative to store bought soap, please check out what I have to offer.